Film Translation

Parrot offers translation services for all types of films ( from the colloquial and literary language ) by the TIME CODE method.

Film translation :-

 Parrot offers translation service for all types of films ( from the slang and classical language )as it includes the documentary films and television news programs and other kinds while parrot translates the films by the “time code” method (To learn more about the “Time Code”  read the following paragraph) also every text is being translate goes through technical phases which contain of a specialized translation committee for each sort of films that are mentioned above, it’s followed by a first specialized committee in language scrutiny and a second specialized committee in grammar scrutiny Committee on the scrutiny to ensure quality and competence in the translation in order to obtain client satisfaction . That’s what makes Parrot a remarkable company compared to the other institutions in the nature of its work as well as its technical out come.

Time Code :-

It is synchronization of the speech with the time which identifies each sentence in the film with the time that this sentence is being said. Thus, it saves the time, effort and financial cost to the concerned client in the mechanism of production and post-production, where Parrot focuses on its technical outcome on these aspects as it includes a specialized committee in all films’ sorts.