About Parrot

About Parrot :-

It's a translation Company for the different writing variations containing documents, reports and even film scripts, it was established in 2010 in Palestine. Parrot has a certified translation team for several languages as it concentrates on the accuracy in translating and  the proficiency of the literal and text translation which aims at creating convenience for colleges, universities and academies’ students by saving time and effort for them, in addition to minimizing the translation cost to satisfy their needs in all aspects.

Vision :-

Saving time and effort for all the students’ category and all the foundations. It works in the translation field by considering the standards of accuracy and proficiency in order to serve the community by providing financial and academic facilitation for all the groups concerned.

Mission :- 

Facilitating mechanism for translating the documents, reports, seminars, films as well as news, scientific and literary reports through the website within simple steps that user can identify the time and cost on the standards of accuracy.